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A faithful resource for anyone seeking to learn the truth about the Church and Her Teachings. We are a new breed of Catholic Christians who listen, clarify teachings, and correct misperceptions about the True Church Our Blessed Lord Jesus established on St. Peter and his successors in 33 A.D.: The Roman Catholic Church. Dialogue with us!

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Awards for Excellence has won multiple awards for excellence, resources, usability, accuracy, and fidelity to the Church. Awards include The Benedictine Network Award for Excellence,’s Triple Excellence Gold Award, and the St. Charles Borromeo 2009 Catholic Website Award for Apologetics.


"Please know that the Cardinal appreciates your efforts to promote the teachings of the Catholic Church and to help people have a better understanding what it means to be a Catholic."

Rev. Robert T. Kickham
Secretary to Cardinal Sean O'Malley
February 2007

Who Answers Your Questions?

We are a group of lay Catholic Apologists, loyal to the Holy See, located in the Boston area. Founded in 1995, we consider our little group to be the original "Catholic Answers" of Massachusetts. All the work done by the Catholic apologists is done on a volunteer basis. At times we have also gone to other well-known Catholic Apologists and priests to ensure you get the complete Catholic answer to your question.

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by Web Administrator Mike Humphrey


Who Wants to be a Catholic?

The well-known Show: Who wants to be a Millionaire turned to a Catholic version.



Holy Quotes

"Holy Quotes" will deliver 'holy quotes' from the Early Church Fathers, saints and Popes throughout the age of our Church to your inbox on a regular basis of YOUR choosing.

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Scripture Passages that support Catholic Teachings

Scripture verses that defend Catholic doctrines.



Helpers of the Holy Souls

Our mission, one of mercy, is to relieve and gain release for the suffering souls in purgatory who can no longer help themselves. We do this by holding monthly collections used solely to have Masses said for the Holy Souls. We encourage you to start a similar apostolate in your area! Find out more about how to start a Purgatory Prayer apostolate in your town or city at our web site.



Our Web Page for Wannabes

Meet-up with people thinking about becoming Catholic as well as converts to the faith.



Sharing the voice and writings of the Early Church Fathers, the first Christians who succeeded the Apostles, with our separated Christian brethren in the South! A database of early Christian quotes and writings that affirm the Catholic faith and Catholic teachings from the time of Jesus and His Apostles.


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